Worship Ministries

These are the ministry teams at First Christian Church of Chicago that serve to help people connect with God and express their devotion to Him:


Music Team – Team Leader: Gincy Hartin & David Priestman      

Singers and musicians collaborate to lead worship at our Worship Celebration as well as other special services.
Prayer Team – Leader: Sheila Jefferson & Jennifer King
Standing in the gap for fellow believers before God by proclaiming God’s truth, encouraging one another and lifting up songs of praise.
Praise Dance Ministry – Leader: Leadership Needed
Youth and adults with a heart for dancing perform praise dances at Worship Celebration as well as other special services.
Coffeehouse Worship – Leader: Steven Chapman
Plan and lead a worship environment centered around the experience of fellowship in the church as community are blended with worship and Word.



Communion Preparation Team – Leader: Pamela Marcus & David Priestman  

Prepare trays for communion to be served during our Worship Celebrations and others special services.     
Communion/Offering Meditation Team – Leader: Jerrold Brock
Speak in front of the congregation focusing on themes that prepare people to participate in             the communion and offering services.

Worship Teaching Team – Leader: Steven Chapman

Men and women prepare and present Bible-based messages during our Sunday Worship Celebration.


Audio / Visual Team – Leader: Ginny Priestman

These individuals work “behind the scenes” to assist with the sound and visuals at our weekend Worship Celebrations as well as other special services.



Ushers/Servers – Leader: Richard Bussian
 These individuals assist with serving communion and collecting the offering during our Worship Celebrations.
 Sunday Reception Team – Paul Schille & Steven Chapman
These are individuals whose ministry is to greet and welcome people at the door as they arrive for our Worship Celebration on Sunday mornings.     Team Leader: Paul Schille & Steve Chapman
Baptism Team – Leader: Dorothy Collins

Assist with preparation for baptisms that take place during Worship Celebration and other occasions.

  Worship Beautification – Leader: Yvette Smith

Decorate the Worship Center and other gathering places to create an inviting and welcoming place for members and guests.