Student Ministries

Students at First Christian Church of Chicago are vital to our ministry and to the life of the church. Our students are essentially the lifeblood for the future of our congregation.

So in order to be effective in ministering to our students, our Student Ministry must help students build the foundation for a life of loving, following and serving Jesus. That task requires that the entire church body engage in helping students become like Christ, and engage students in helping others become like Christ.

While our ministry has some programs for specific age groups, our approach is different from that of student ministries which isolate students within their own programs with limited to no contact with adults in the church family. Ministries like these have contributed to an environment in which 80% of American students who grow up in church now leave the church upon graduation from high school.

Our approach to Student Ministry embraces the following principles:

1. Students need to be included in the larger life of the Church body. When possible, “adult” ministries need to be adapted to embrace the presence of students alongside the adults, instead of always segregating church programs by age.

2. Students need to have relationships with the broader Church membership. Since many adults have valuable insights that would help students become more Christ-like, we encourage the development of relationships across the generations.

3. Students need to make meaningful contribution to ministry. From an early age, we begin letting our students experience the joy of serving others. By the time they reach high school, we begin working with students to help them discover their God-designed place for ministry and plug them into “adult” ministry.

The Student Ministry at First Christian Church of Chicago seeks to help students cooperate with the entire church body in building Christ-likeness in others. For more information about our Student Ministry, contact Gincy Hartin at




Sunday Morning Student Ministry Environments

On Sunday mornings at FCC, childcare is provided for Infants and Toddlers in our Nursery/Toddler Room, where the little ones engage in age-appropriate games, crafts and activities during the Worship Celebration and the Connection Groups. Preschoolers (Pre-K & Kindergarten) and Elementary-age students (1st through 6th grade) participate with adults and teenage students in the Worship Celebration, where they experience a time of worship and a practical Bible lesson. During the Connection Groups (which begin around 11:30 am), the students meet in classrooms to discuss together how they can live out the ideas shared in the teaching during Worship Celebration.


During the Worship Celebration, Jr. High and Sr. High students join the adults and elementary-age students for a time of worship and a practical Bible lesson. Also, many of them rotate involvement in several areas of ministry that assist the overall ministry of the church, including media production, worship leading, serving communion, and staffing of Children’s Ministries. During the Connection Groups, Jr. High and Sr. High  students meet in separate groups (one for boys and one for girls) to discuss a variety of topics that are relevant to their daily lives, and also to engage in some mentoring activities led by various adults within the FCC congregation.

Other Student Ministry Environments

  • Student Sundays occur quarterly on the 5th Sundays. These are Sundays in which our students engage in ministry by helping to plan and lead the Worship Celebration. The lesson themes on Student Sundays are planned with an emphasis on student engagement and building mentoring relationships between students and adults.
  • The Annual FCC Summer Program engages school-aged youth and their families in our community in several days of fun activities in a Christ-centered environment. The program runs from mid-June to August each year and includes VBS-style Bible lessons for kids, a weekly community cookout, and a variety of sports and games that youth will enjoy.
  • Harvest Fest is our annual Halloween alternative hosted by the FCC Student Ministry. Harvest Fest is hosted on Halloween evening.
  • The Praise Dance Ministry is a praise dance team for girls in Kindergarten through high school. Dancers perform during the Student Sunday Worship Celebrations and other events throughout the year.
  • American Heritage Girls allows girls to experience new challenges, serve others, make new friends and have tons of fun, all in a safe, faith-filled environment. Whether your daughter wants to learn more about aviation, learn to paddle a canoe, or ice the perfect cake, AHG’s program is ready to inspire her to new heights.
  • The Premier Youth Mentoring Program provides a place for boys and girls ages 9 to 19 to meet with adults who want to help them succeed in life. Students have an opportunity to ask difficult questions and talk about the life challenges that they are facing each day. The mentoring program meets on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:00 pm at the FCC church building.