Service Ministries

Hands Banner WidgetHere is a list of the teams that provide needed service for various needs within First Christian Church of Chicago and to its families:  
Ministry Placement Team Leader, Steven Chapman

Teach and consult with those who are looking for the ministry that is a perfect fit for their divine design.

Building & Grounds – Team Leader, Richard Bussian & Edward McInerney

Are your talented in craftsmanship or maintenance skills? Help with the on-going maintenance of the FCC structure and grounds, or consider helping with some basic housekeeping tasks. Needs vary from simple tasks like kitchen/refrigerator clean-up to electrical and plumbing work.
Kitchen Housekeeping – Team Leader: Leadership Needed
Work behind the scenes to keep our kitchens sanitary, aesthetically pleasant, and ready for the many other ministries that rely on cleanliness and order of the facilities.

Flower Power – Team Leader, Edward & Elizabeth McInerney

Those with a green thumb, or those who love to work outdoors, can help maintain the beauty of the gardens and flower beds around the FCC campus.

Treasurer – Team Leader, Ginny Priestman

 People with knowledge of finance can provided help with various aspects in the Treasurer’s office, from counting Sunday offerings to helping with book work.