The Church That Makes Jesus Sick

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Sermon Notes

The Church That Makes Jesus SickIt is quite an indictment to be labeled as a church that makes Jesus sick, but that describes the church in Laodicea. They had lost their witness as either a refreshing, invigorating (cold) community of faith, or a healing, restoring (hot) place. At least three symptoms were present for Laodicea’s malady, and Jesus prescribes at least three courses of treatment.


The first few minutes of the message are missing from the recording. In those minutes it is explained that the traditional interpretation that Jesus prefers people to be against him or for him, but you can not play the middle of the road is incorrect.

The historical context for the letter to Laodicea springs from a local water issue.  Nearby Colossae was feed by cool, refreshing mountain streams. Hieropolis was the home of renowned hot springs known for their healing abilities.

Laodicea, in contrast, did not have a good water source of its own. Its water was piped in from Colossae through a series of aquaducts. However by the time it arrived it was unpalatable – lukewarm and putrid.

The church of Laodicea’s witness was much like their water – lukewarm and putrid. It did not refresh, like the cool streams of Colossae, or bring healing like the hot springs of Hieropolis.