August 2017

The Shallow

Can we help the shallow, those with little spiritual root, to deepen their roots so they can whether temptation, trial and persecution?

July 2017

Take Out The Trash

Many of us have accumulated spiritual garbage that threatens to push Jesus to the margins. We need to remove the garbage before we will fully experience the joy to be found in the life which pursues Jesus.

Jesus At The Center

In his statement, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21), Paul states that life and death is all about Jesus. In the surrounding verses he shares how a life revolving around Christ brings glory to Christ in life and death.

May 2017

Trust In His Presence

We can trust in God’s presence. He remains with us in both prosperity and adversity. ]

Be The Church

When Jesus was on this earth, he addressed the physical and spiritual needs of people. He left a physical manifestation of his body on earth to continue his work — you and I. We are his body to help hurting people.

Don’t Stay That Way

God loves you just the way you are, but he loves you too much to leave you that way. When we stay connected to God, he will bring about growth. But how do we remain connected?

April 2017

There Are No Perfect People

The rules say: don’t tell them too much, don’t be real or vulnerable. Yet these rules keep us stuck.   God has changes the rules: His new family is a family of authenticity that helps us discover what God really intend for us.

Come As You Are

Grace is the centerline of Christianity. When we don’t embrace grace it causes us to continue to be trapped in a cycle of sin-death. But God embraced us with grace, and called us to be channels of His grace through acceptance of others.

Resurrection Hope

The cross is not the end of the story. Although Satan may have thought he had the victory. Sunday was coming. The Sunday hope of resurrection is a message for us.

King: To Whom Your Allegiance Belongs

Jesus did not come to be Savior. He came as Savior to be Lord.   His rule and kingship in our lives was first foretold in Genesis 49, and celebrated in his coronation on Palm Sunday.

March 2017


Our culture says choose the best, the brightest, the fastest, and the biggest. But when God chooses He tends to choose the unconventional, the unlikely. That is the pattern of the Kingdom.


God still provides a lamb so his people will live.   Abraham’s one and only son whom he loved was delivered from the ultimate sacrifice. God’s Son was not. But by His sacrifice we were delivered.