October 2017

Connecting In Community

God desired and equipped us for spiritual growth.   One tool or discipline God has given us for growth is something that we can never do alone because Christianity was never meant to be a lone adventure — Community.   Community helps us grow as we surround ourselves with strategic relationships that receive the benefit […]

Practicing Prayer

God grows my faith to maturity through the practice of a variety of habitual disciplines. One of those habits that God uses to grow my faith is the practice of prayer. Prayer allows me to lean into God, to share my heart, and seek his help.   In Matthew 6, Jesus, in teaching the people […]

Developing A Taste For God’s Word

God desires for us to grow spiritually. He has given us his Word to accomplish that very desire. However, the Word can only fulfill its goal when we get close enough to expose our lives to its influence.   Using a metaphor of eating, this message explores how to develop a fuller appetite for God’s […]

Telling My Story

All of us have a story. As believers our story is God’s story, and that story may be the greatest tool we have for introducing someone to Christ.   What is my story? Discover the power of your story.

September 2017

What Is God’s Story

No matter your personal evangelistic style, there will come a time when sharing God’s story is necessary to complete the process of evangelism. But what is God’s story? With all of the confusion of “church messages”, which is the message lost people need to hear?

What Is My Evangelistic Style – Reach 2

We are all called to share God’s heartbeat for lost people. We are all called to continue Jesus’ mission to saving those who are lost.   However, we are not all called to fulfill that task in the same way. Scripture presents us with at least 6 characters that utilized the divine way that God […]

Why Should I Care About Lost People?

Lost people matter to God, and they ought to matter to us. We should be engaged in their lives because it matters to God, was Jesus’ mission, is in our identity, and it is the surest way to change the world.

August 2017

The Productive

Jesus concludes his story of the soil by talking of the productive soil. This soil is the people who respond the Kingdom message by becoming fully developed followers of Christ.

The Shallow

Can we help the shallow, those with little spiritual root, to deepen their roots so they can whether temptation, trial and persecution?

July 2017

Take Out The Trash

Many of us have accumulated spiritual garbage that threatens to push Jesus to the margins. We need to remove the garbage before we will fully experience the joy to be found in the life which pursues Jesus.

Jesus At The Center

In his statement, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21), Paul states that life and death is all about Jesus. In the surrounding verses he shares how a life revolving around Christ brings glory to Christ in life and death.

May 2017

Trust In His Presence

We can trust in God’s presence. He remains with us in both prosperity and adversity. ]