March 2011

Divine Dealings With Disposable People

Jesus was a man who experienced a full range of emotions and feelings. He felt a deep sense of compassion for the hurt and helpless.

Forget About Mike

Christ has character that is worth emulating. He was sensitive to God’s direction even when it conflicted with cultural norms.

February 2011

Hope Is Contagious

God has a hope to make His presence known through us. As we fulfill this calling, His life-giving hope becomes contagious.

Hope Purifies

Following Christ does not mean freedom from the storms of life. Rather, as we hope life transformation takes place.

Hope Is Experienced In Community

God’s design is for hope to be a shared experience within the faith community

Hope Is Discovered In His Word

God’s Scripture redirects the focus of our hope away from the uncertainty of changing circumstances to the peace and certainty of God’s Word. His Word remains true, regardless of whether our life storms subside.

January 2011

The Roller Coaster Called Hope

When we encounter Jesus, His gracious, compassionate care becomes sufficient for the ups and downs of our lives. This intimacy with Christ fills our hope and empowers our love of others.

Who Is Your Barnabas?

We need someone who believes in us and will support our growth even when the evidence is against us.

Who Is Your Nathan?

We need someone in our life who will tell us when we are messing up.

December 2010

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Salvation Has Been Brought Down

November 2010

Born Is The King Of Israel