March 2014

Better Priest

Jesus serves us as a better priest because his ministry of intercession is eternal.

Better Rest: Receiving God’s Promises Through Faith in His Son

In Jesus Christ we find rest for our souls and relief from the stresses of our daily lives.

February 2014

Better Faithfulness

Jesus’s faithfulness inspires us to live faithfully for God.

Better Revelation

Jesus is God’s best revelation to mankind.

Purposed For Mission

God’s purpose for our lives is not complete until we are used to reach out to those who are still outside of relationship with God.  

January 2014

Purposed For Service

I become like Jesus when I engage in ministry. God designed me to demonstrate his redemptive work through how I serve others.

Purposed For Maturity

If we are to be like Jesus, we will develop relationships that reflect how Jesus would relate to others. Those relationships can not be produced in a typical Sunday worship, but require time together as individuals and in groups.

Worship: What’s the Purpose?

Our worship gatherings are not intended for our own gratification or fulfillment – their purpose is to build up the church body through mutual encouragement and edification.

Finding Purpose In Life

Our New Year’s resolutions often end up being no more than pipe-dreams and wishful thinking. But God has a purpose for our life that is big enough to capture a reason worth living.

December 2013

Better Christmas Transforms Lives

Just like our observance of Christmas, our life can get out of focus and the impact hits other areas of our lives. But as we get our focus on Christ it has the power to transform our lives.

Better Christmas Reflects Two Advents

Christmas is a season for reflecting on two advents – the advent past and what it has accomplished, and the advent which is yet to come.

Good News: The Birth of Jesus and the Life That Followed

The importance of Christmas is not just wrapped in the birth of Jesus, but in the life that he lived … a life that we are called to emulate.