April 2012

The Beginning Of The End

Upper Story – God will use our messes to advance his plans of building a community.

God’s Messengers

Upper Story – God invites us to enjoy the blessings of life by worshiping him only.

A Kingdom Torn In Two

Upper Story – God will keep his promises with or without us.

March 2012

The King Who Had It All

Upper Story – If we make God Lord of everything he will live with us, and give us what we need.

February 2012

A Few Good Men

Upper Story – God continues to invite us back into relationship with him.

New Commandments/New Covenant

Upper Story – God creates guidelines for living within a relationship with him, as well as a means for redeeming the relationship.

January 2012

God Builds A Nation

Upper Story – God begins to build a nation through Abraham which will show others how to live in relationship with God.

The Beginning Of Life As We Know It

Upper Story – God created the world and humanity to live in the world so that he could have a relationship with people. Even when the relationship was broken by sin he makes the initial steps toward redeeming the relationship.

What’s With “The Story”?

Scripture is God’s Story … and yet a story line that we have been written into. To really know God, we need to know his Upper Story, and not just our Lower Story.

December 2011

Glimpse of Glory

Jesus’ incarnation revealed God’s guarantee, God’s glory and God’s grace

How God Measures Generosity

God measures generosity, not by the size of the gift, but the size of the sacrifice.

November 2011

Why God Prospers Generous People

Those blessed by God become blessers of others .