April 2012

A Kingdom Torn In Two

Upper Story – God will keep his promises with or without us.

March 2012

The King Who Had It All

Upper Story – If we make God Lord of everything he will live with us, and give us what we need.

From Shepherd To King

Upper Story – God often uses underdogs to advance his plans.

Standing Tall, Falling Hard

Upper Story – God desires for us stand out from the world by reflecting his character.

February 2012

A Few Good Men

Upper Story – God continues to invite us back into relationship with him.

The Battle Begins

Upper Story – the community God intends for his people is one that cannot tolerate evil


Upper Story – God does what he says he will do, so we need to trust him.

New Commandments/New Covenant

Upper Story – God creates guidelines for living within a relationship with him, as well as a means for redeeming the relationship.

January 2012


Upper Story – God uses our weaknesses to compose his story.

From Slave To Deputy Pharoah

Upper Story – God continues to compose his story even in difficult times when we don’t see his hand at work.

God Builds A Nation

Upper Story – God begins to build a nation through Abraham which will show others how to live in relationship with God.

The Beginning Of Life As We Know It

Upper Story – God created the world and humanity to live in the world so that he could have a relationship with people. Even when the relationship was broken by sin he makes the initial steps toward redeeming the relationship.