April 2013

Grace Overflowing

The grace that we have received from God is to be grace extended, as the walls that separate us get demolished, and we work together to become the dwelling of God.

March 2013

More Than Survivors

The Resurrection of Christ makes us more than survivors … those who just get by … It makes us overcomers.

Extending Borders

From Cast-off To Accepted

February 2013

Greatness Is

Stepping Out of The Boat and Into The Storm


Blood Is Thicker Than Water

January 2013

Costly Choice of Following

Who Is He?

December 2012

The Gift God Never Refuses

The magi gave not only gifts that reflected Christ’s kingship, but they first gave their worship to the King.

God’s Relational Gift

God is with us and that changes everything.

Extending The Giving

  An encounter with the Savior is an experience that deserves to be passed on.