September 2013

Husbands – The Losing Makeover

Husbands demonstrated submission to their lives by loving them with the self-giving love of Christ.

Wives: The Inner-Beauty Makeover

Wives demonstrate Spirit induced submission to their husbands by developing their inner-beauty.

August 2013

When Something Goes Wrong

What is the church to do when either a member or a church leaders looses their moral footing or their theological grounding? How does the church handle this situation biblically?

How Do We Get Our Leaders

Elders and Deacons are our leaders, but how are they selected? What is the process for leaders to be affirmed for office within the church? This message breaks down the necessary relationship that needs to be present in identifying leaders.

Who Are Our Leaders: Elders & Deacons

Elders and Deacons serve the church. However, neither is described as a member of a board, but a leader. Elders are shepherds of the body. Deacons serve as the leader of Ministry Teams.

Keeping Up With The Joneses’

Commandment #10: God desires for us to desire Him, and not get deluded by the promise of other lusts.

July 2013

Value Life

Commandment #6: God’s image is dishonored when we treat others as if their life has no value.

June 2013

More Than A Swear Word

Commandment #3: God's reputation is either honored or dirtied by how we represent Him.

Don’t Settle For Shadows

Commandment #2: Trying to box God into our contrived conceptions makes Him less than God, and less than a redeemer.

God Won’t Settle For Second

Commandment #1: God asks for total allegiance and affection knowing that split loyalty with other conflicting objects, interests or passions leaves us empty.

April 2013

Grace In Action

What does grace look like in particular relationships? This message illustrates grace in church, family, work and world.

Grace Lessons

Grace is lived out as we exchange ways of relating that destroy unity for ways that build harmony.