November 2015

Where Giving Begins

Conversations on giving seem to always start in the wrong place. They always seem to begin with the questions “how much” or “where”. But when we start our conversations with that question we begin in the wrong place. A better set of questions would be “how” and “why”. Giving begins in the heart of God, […]

It Is God’s Will

All Christians have a desire to know God’s will. However, we often attribute God’s will to things that are not quite so clear, or are sometimes even antithetical to His will. God does have a will, a plan, and a purpose for our lives. But it not found in the details of specific decisions. It […]

God Must Be Punishing Me

When going through difficult times we may assume that the trials we are facing are God’s punishment of us. While that may be true on some occasions, it may also be true that we are experiencing the effects of being in a fallen world.

God Wants Me to Be Happy

While God does not want us to be unhappy, our happiness is not really his concern. He is much more concerned with our holiness, our discipleship, our hope and contentment.

October 2015

All Sins Are The Same

Satan is the Father of lies, however, often his lies are not of the variety that makes us quickly dismiss them. Sometimes the lies are a subtle distortion of the truth. Satan’s greatest victory may be getting us to believe these lies. The today’s message is based on the statement “All sins are the same,” […]

One Hope

Paul closes the book of Galatians with his own hand. In five verses, he warns the believers not to exchange their new life for the bondage of the old. Why would someone exchange life for that which is dead? This newly created life is a life that brings about transformation … a life rooted in […]


As a Christian community of the Cross, the church is to be a place of oneness defined by love for one another. However, this love is not a generic feeling. Nor is it love as our world defines it. Love in this Christian community is a self-sacrificing demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s presence. It seeks […]


Christ makes us one by his sacrifice on the cross. However, division, discrimination, prejudice and racism still run rampant. Oneness in Christ destroys the walls of racial prejudice. Racism has not place in the heart of God. We sin when we rebuild or at least do not attempt to chip away at this walls. The […]

September 2015


We live in a world with is craving “oneness”, a sense of enduring community. However, oneness will not be experienced by humanistic tolerance. It is not a solid enough foundation to sustain harmony. However, in the book of Galatians, Paul shares a message of faith and hope in the ONE who is the sufficient foundation […]

Faithful Past – Hope-filled Future

On the 130th Anniversary of First Christian Church of Chicago, the FCC family of Chicago reflected on Hebrews 12:1-2 as a hinge upon which the church would turn. With 130 years of witnesses for life transformation and faithful witness, the church stands at the juncture of doing something to continue the to fulfill the legacy that […]

Prayer That Works

Prayer is not a kid’s game. Prayer is essential for confronting the spiritual battles that we will face in our lives. In order for prayer to work, it needs to be approached correctly. While there is not magical formula for effective prayer, Jesus shares a variety of principles for prayer that works. Each of these […]

Preparing For Battle

As Christians we are called to war … a cosmic battle between good and evil, a battle with the Devil. This battle is real, and has the potential to claim the souls of many believers if they do not properly prepare to confront the deceitful schemes of the Devil. This message provides guidance for properly […]