April 2016

A Comfortable Cross

Americans have become creatures of comfort, as has the church in America. We have even made the cross into a comfortable object. However, the cross in the first century would have been seen as an instrument of torture and death … the ultimate emblem of weakness. Yet, God took that emblem of weakness and transformed […]

Choosing Intimacy

When Jesus chooses us, He chooses us to engage in an intimate relationship with Him. He does not want us to be familiar fans, but intimate followers. That may be a risky venture which requires vulnerability. But we will never have the depth of relationship which will bring closeness and forgiveness without getting to know […]

Open Invitation

We have learned to be skeptical we told a deal is available for “anyone.” But when Jesus invites “anyone” to follow Him, anyone means everyone. There are no exceptions, no excuses. However, following Him will cost you everything. This message is based on the discipleship call of Jesus in Luke 9:23.

March 2016

Fan or Follower?

Jesus is not interested in having fans. He desires followers. Fans are fickle. Followers are committed. It is time that many in the church honestly assess their relationship with Christ. Are they a committed follower or a fan?

Foster Faith

All of the marriage strategies and solutions will not help if you are missing the most important piece in the puzzle — God. God created marriage and he understands how it works. He also knows the joy and heartbreak of marriage because marriage his how he describes his relationship with his people. He understands forgiveness […]

Cultivate Commitment

Marriage is a relationships of commitment, a relationship of promises. But what do you do when if becomes difficult to keep the promises that you made? We all shared vows when we got married. These vows were our promises, our commitments to faithfulness in marriage. At the wedding altar it is hard to imagine what […]

Rekindle Romance

God created us for an intimate relationship. The most divine relationship we may ever have with someone on this earth may be found in marriage because marriage allows us to become more like Jesus. Over time an untended relationship can grow stale. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can rekindle the love you […]

February 2016

Fight Fair

Eventually every marriage will experience conflict. It is useless to say don’t fight. The problem is not the conflict — it is how the conflict is handled. How you handle the conflict will make all of the difference between whether the conflict kills your marriage or provides opportunity for it to improve. By learning to […]

Increasing Intimacy

Sex is a gift God has given couples in order to experience life-long intimacy. As Solomon sings about his wedding night, the beauty of two people lovingly engaged in intimacy is presented. However, when sex is treated in manner that corrupts the event, intimacy is diminished.

Deepening Desire

As we begin the walk into romance, love and marriage, that walk has its first few steps in attraction. As we initiate that journey it usually begins with a series of three questions that we need to invert from the order we usually ask them. God wants first place in our life, not to be […]

Eyes on the Prize

Like the apostle Paul, Christians must press on toward the prize to which God calls us – i.e. a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ.

January 2016

Go Deeper With Pivotal Circumstances

God desires that our faith in him constantly grow deeper so that we may experience a deepening intimacy with him. A fifth means God has of deepening our faith is through pivotal circumstances. As we experience these unplanned, often painful, circumstances, God grows our faith. As we lean on him, we learn that he can […]