August 2015

What Is A Messiah?

God, for centuries, had been preparing His people for the arrival of the Messiah — the one who would bring His presence to mankind, not through a structure, but through a man. However, when Jesus arrived, he didn’t necessarily fit the mold that people expected. Jesus didn’t arrive as triumphant King, but as Servant-Messiah. Matthew’s […]

More Than Another Big Fish Story

Jonah is not about big fish. The real story of Jonah is about big weeds and big cities. Like Jonah, we may have more concern about our pettiness than about things that touch the heart of God.

Big Britches, Hard Falls, & Right Minds

In a world that is concerned about protecting fragile self-esteem and puffing up pride, the story of Nebuchadnezzar is a hard to grasp. To the king with all of the known world under his control, the message is simple, “There is only one king … and it is not you.” We, likewise, can become consumed […]

July 2015

Jeremiah: Downtraded Faith

Life is filled with choices and trade-offs. But the biggest threat to our Christian life is when we choose to trade the real thing for a lesser quality version. That is the problem that Jeremiah was addressing in Jeremiah 7 – at least three ways that the people of Judah had downgraded their faith to […]

God’s Rehab Projects

God created a home for himself in the pages of Scripture, however, since the entrance of sin in the world, he has been engaged in a rehab project to restore his home with humanity to its original glory. The home he built with the people of Israel was in need of restoration. Zerubbabel led in […]

June 2015

Get Off The Merry-Go-Round

Israel, in the book of Judges, was caught on a wild merry-go-round ride swirling between sin, oppression, repentance and redemption. But we aren’t unfamiliar with their ride. We often hop on that crazy adventure of sin ourselves. However, when the Israelites repented of their sin, God was ready to respond by sending a judge to […]

Abraham: The Journey of Faith

The B90 Message series is a series that accompanies our congregational effort to read through the entire Bible in 90 Days. This is the first message in the series. Abraham is mentioned as the “father of faith”, however, Abraham’s faith was not perfect. Often is could best described as “lurching toward faith.” But as imperfect […]

May 2015

Lessons On Personal Ministry

Ministry is not the responsibility of the professional, or the leader. Ministry is a shared responsibility for all of those in the body of Christ. This message from Romans 12:3-8 speaks about 4 lessons that we need to learn and put into practice in order to faithfully and fruitfully fulfill our ministry calling.

April 2015


The Bible accomplishes its purpose of leading us to Jesus and equipping us for everything we will face as God’s children through four activities that God’s Word can accomplish: teaching (instruction in proper beliefs), rebuking (clearing up erroneous beliefs), correcting (pointing out misbehavior), and training in righteousness (instruction in right living). The message includes a […]


Scripture is the Word of God, and as such, it speaks to us with the full authority and power of God himself. God Word is inspired in that He, through the work of the Holy Spirit, guided human authors to write His timeless truth.

Zombies, Zonks and Magic Acts: Why The Easter Message Matters

The Resurrection is not just another theological tenet of Christianity. It is what holds Christian theology together, and as such it matters in what we believe and how we live. This message considers 5 contrasts that Paul offers between life without the resurrection, and how the resurrection changes everything.

March 2015

Sharing Your Sustaining Story

We all love a good story, and since God has written us into His story, we all have a story to tell. But we have more than one story to tell. Along with our Salvation Stories, we have Sustaining Stories of events that God has brought us through that give us an opportunity to learn […]