All Sins Are The Same

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Sermon Notes

Sermon Lies We Believe

Satan is the Father of lies, however, often his lies are not of the variety that makes us quickly dismiss them. Sometimes the lies are a subtle distortion of the truth. Satan’s greatest victory may be getting us to believe these lies.

The today’s message is based on the statement “All sins are the same,” and it’s counterpart, “All sins are not the same.”Which side is right? Are all sins the same as one side says. Or is the other side correct when they say, “All sins are not the same”. Perhaps, it is not as simple as choosing one or the other. Perhaps, both are only partially true, and are a lie in their own subtle way.

This message from October 25 exposes the truth behind the “All sin is the same” myths. Sins are the same, but they are also different, and it is those differences that make all the difference.