August 2011

Rescuing Renegades

Christians have a tremendous task of pulling wandering souls from the fire.

Invocation, Intercession & Intervention

Christians should deal with suffering, sickness and sin by intercession with God and intervention in the lives of fellow believers.

Oppression, Patience & Promise

Christians should respond to oppression not by usurping God’s role of avenger but through prophetic patience.

July 2011

A Cure For What Ails You

Pride bars us from God’s work in our lives. We need to humbly surrender to God so that he can produce spiritual victory in us.

Setting Fires & Praising God

Faith Works

Faith is not static belief. It is a working and active, validating its presence by its actions.

June 2011

Favortism’s Failure

Our culture fosters favorites. James utilizes the example of the well-to-do and the powerful to the neglect of the less fortunate. This kind of favoritism is sin because it conflicts with the law of love and God’s mercy.

On The Brink

Temptation is defeated as we turn from corrupt desires to the giving God. God gave us His word, but hearing God’s Word is only a start. If hearing doesn’t result in doing you are just playing Church. Hearing results in living out righteousness and justice.

Upside Down: Christian Counter-Culture

James’ opening instruction to the church makes it clear that this letter is going to turn their world upside down. The opening verses provide an overview of the entire book that exposes fallacies in common thought and practice.