August 2012

A Story Worth Telling

Upper Story – Our testimony shares how God must be allowed to chisel away at the parts of our life that don’t bear a likeness to Christ.

Recalculating Your Life Mission

Upper Story – Paul demonstrates how God can change our plans and being a partnership in fulfilling His plan of doing life with humanity.

July 2012


Upper Story – the final piece is put into place to bring God and man back together.

Behold The Lamb

Upper Story – Jesus accomplished his mission as the Lamb of God.

Jesus, Son of God

Upper Story – Jesus is more than a good guy, a good teacher. He is the one who came to heal our separation from God.

June 2012

What Do You Believe About Jesus

Upper Story – Jesus came down here to defeat death so we could do life with God.

One WORD That Changes Everything

Upper Story – God uses a scandalous method to advance his plan of doing life with humanity.

May 2012

Rebuilding Lives

Upper Story – God uses his story to refocus and realign our lives to his will.

Queen of Beauty & Courage

Upper Story – God’s plans are not ruled by chance, but his sovereign will.

April 2012

Kingdom’s Fall

Upper Story – God has to bring discipline because he loves us so dearly.

The Beginning Of The End

Upper Story – God will use our messes to advance his plans of building a community.

God’s Messengers

Upper Story – God invites us to enjoy the blessings of life by worshiping him only.