April 2017

King: To Whom Your Allegiance Belongs

Jesus did not come to be Savior. He came as Savior to be Lord.   His rule and kingship in our lives was first foretold in Genesis 49, and celebrated in his coronation on Palm Sunday.

March 2017


God met Jacob in Bethel and that place became a place of worship. God promises that since his presence is always with his people everywhere we are can be a place of worship.


Many of the characters of the Bible are subject to deceit. We are as well. But the comforting truth is that God’s plan is never hijacked by deception. His purposes will always be worked out.


Our culture says choose the best, the brightest, the fastest, and the biggest. But when God chooses He tends to choose the unconventional, the unlikely. That is the pattern of the Kingdom.


God still provides a lamb so his people will live.   Abraham’s one and only son whom he loved was delivered from the ultimate sacrifice. God’s Son was not. But by His sacrifice we were delivered.

February 2017


Every covenant includes a rite of admission. For Abraham that right was the act of circumcision for all the men who were part of his household. In circumcision they showed they agreed to be counted among God’s covenant people. For Christians, we enter into that covenant relationship through the action of baptism.

Priest King

You would think that Melchizedek is an insignificant character in Scripture. He appears in the life of Abram and is gone after four verses. But this fleeting character is unfolded for us in Psalm 110 and Hebrews 6 and 7 as a compelling type for the Messiah, both king and priest. In this type he […]


God promises to reestablish his kingdom, and He invites his people to take part in advancing that charge. Abram embraces that call in worship. We can continue it in the worship of witness.


God introduced diversity to unify humanity in fulfilling its mission. However, humanity tends to interpret diversity as disunity. God reversed this flow through the blood of Christ, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Through Christ we can experience unity in the midst of our diversity.

January 2017

Deliverance: Noah, Jesus, and the New Creation

God provides an instrument for salvation for those who will obediently follow His instructions.


Eve undoubtedly felt like God’s promise of victory over the serpent was lost when one son was killed and the other exiled. Perhaps, she felt as though she had received the stomping. However, God is always faithful and opened another pathway to promise fulfillment … a promise finally realized in Christ.      

Sin: Paradise Lost

Adam and Eve were placed in paradise, but it didn’t take long for paradise to be lost to sin. Since we live in a world that follows Adam into sin, we too don’t experience paradise.   Yet, in this story of the fall into sin is the beginning of a message of hope and grace. […]