December 2018

Smackdown Santa – The Gift of God

Big Idea: St. Nicholaus used his authority and influence in order to write letters pleading with people to come into line with this very important teaching … Jesus is fully God. Jesus is God’s Word to us teaching that very thing. We have the responsibility of helping others come into the light of that truth.

Serving Santa – The Gift of Provision

Big Idea: Hurdles stand in the way of any great work of God. The obstacles that stand in the way of faith in the people in Jesus’ life are very similar to the faith hurdles that stand in our way today. What are the faith hurdles that we face, and how do we overcome them?

Sprinting Santa – The Gift of Justice

As Nicholas of Myra stood up for justice for the sake of three sailors, so Jesus shows us his heart for justice and proclaims that he here to give it. However, his idea of justice is not bad guys getting what they deserve. Ultimate justice is when what is broken is set right, what is […]

Secret Santa – The Three Gifts

The epitome of our Christmas problem seems to be Santa, but what if Santa didn’t start off that way? What if we could actually help people experience the story of God’s love by sharing the story of Santa here in church?   Santa provided life-saving gifts, much like the magi in Matthew 2. We can choose […]