November 2013

Examining My Experiences

God uses the experiences, the collection of life events, situations, and opportunities to finely tune us for ministry. These experiences particularly include spiritual, educational, ministry and painful experiences that have helped to shape us and our ministry.

October 2013

Plugging In My Personality

Our individual personalities determines how our spiritual gifts, heart, and abilities will be employed in ministry. At the same time, differences in personalities may be one of the biggest contributors to conflict in the church.

Applying My Abilities

Each of us have skills, talents, and knowledge that we have amassed over our lifetime that open up opportunities for ministry.

Monitoring My Heartbeat

Our ministry should engage our divinely inspired heart, the motivations, desires, and inclinations God has placed within us.

Unwrapping My Spiritual Gifts

As members of the Body of Christ, we are all SHAPEd for ministry. One component of unique ministry wiring is our Spiritual Gifts. This message defines what Spiritual Gifts are and how they relate to ministry.