December 2017


We each have a collection of experiences that have helped to shape who we are. These same experiences can be plugged into discovering our place for ministry. Our assortment of experiences can be spiritual, education, ministerial, or painful.   Of particular ministry effectiveness may be our painful experiences. God never wastes a hurt, failure or disappointment, […]


When the Bible talks about our soul, it is pointing to that unique part of us that makes us our personality. Our personality is an important contributor to who we are, and how we best function in ministry.   As we come to understand the natural bent of our personality it will help us to […]

November 2017


When it comes to ministry God has wired all of us independently. Knowing our place in ministry means understanding how God wires or shapes us.   Part of our shape for ministry includes our abilities. The average person has 400-500 abilities, which may be inherent or learned. The key is to finding how those abilities […]


Just as each of us have individual physiological heartbeats, we also have differing emotional heartbeats. Our heartbeat is the stirring, motivation and inclination that we have which makes us who we are.   What is your particular heartbeat as it extends to ministry.

Spiritual Gifts

  The church is not a collection of individual units, but a gathering of interconnected parts. We function best as the body of Christ when those parts function in harmony with one another.   Our proper function is determined how God wired each of us individually to function within the body. We call that wiring […]