March 2018

Homesick For A Place We’ve Never Been

When we remove the myths of harps, halos and floating on clouds, the message of Heaven is that we have a place to look forward to which will be best described as God’s presence, a place of beauty, holiness, security, and renewal. Heaven is described in Revelation 21 and 22 with three metaphors: a city, […]

Wedding & War: Salvation Song In Two Stanzas

In the only chapter in the entire New Testament that contains the word “Hallelujah” we are called to worship. That worship is the response to two saving actions takes on the part of the church. A wedding and a war.

Toppling Whores and Attaining Holiness

Babylon is a looker, a luxurious harlot, a materialistic magnet. While the Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18 is Rome, she still walks the streets today, offering the gratification of all that she can supply from her promise of wealth and prosperity.    Yet, believers are called out of the materialistic pursuits of Babylon. We […]

February 2018

(In A World Gone Crazy) Know How You Can Stand

As Christians, we can stand the storms of chaos and of God’s judgment of an evil and corrupt world. But what does standing look like? It looks a lot like living in holiness.   As we witness the judgment of God poured out on the earth in the bowls of God’s wrath. One verse, a […]

(In A World Gone Crazy) Know With Whom You Stand

Revelation 12, 13, and 14 introduce us to an “unholy trinity” along with their advocate Babylon. Each represents a way that Satan attempts to either seduce or oppress God’s people. In contrast, the Lamb stands with his people. Both groups sport figurative markings which define which team with which they associate.   We waste our time when […]

(In A World Gone Crazy) We Stand As Witness

God is in the process of bringing incremental judgment on the unbelieving. This judgment is designed to bring them to a place of repentance. Yet, what is the church to do in a crazy world? We are called to serve as a witness to the sovereignty of God, and share the life-saving message of Jesus.

January 2018

Authority-Honoring Worship

Authentic worship is a response to the revelation of God and His Christ. Worship that begins with its attention elsewhere is selling worship short.   Worship that acknowledges that God is sovereign is able to face anything that confronts the worshiper.

Hear And Overcome

In Revelation 2 and 3 Jesus, dictates letters to each of seven historical churches in Asia Minor which are going through very real crises. However, the naming of seven churches is symbolic for all churches universal, so these letters are also intended for us. Which church best describes your spiritual life today?

The One Who Speaks

In Revelation, Jesus Christ reveals himself to John as the One who speaks, both in John’s time and in ours.

What Kind Of Book Is This

The book of Revelation can be seen as scary and confusing, and so is often ignored. It can be abused by those who interpret everything through there Revelation lens. But what does the book of Revelation tell us about itself? What kind of book does it tell that it is, and thus how we may […]