August 2017

The Impenetrables

Some people’s hearts are impenetrable. What causes that? And can anything be done to break up this hard soil?

July 2017

The Lesson Learned

Paul does not promise that we will accomplish anything. He reminds us that we can experience contentment in all situations.

Making The Choice To Rejoice

Joy is not dependent upon circumstances. Joy is a disposition that is chosen. The choice comes from our understanding one’s position in Christ.

Take Out The Trash

Many of us have accumulated spiritual garbage that threatens to push Jesus to the margins. We need to remove the garbage before we will fully experience the joy to be found in the life which pursues Jesus.

A Star Is Born

The world is a dark place. We are called to reflect light to illuminate the dark through how we live. Yet, that light does not originate in us.

Jesus At The Center

In his statement, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21), Paul states that life and death is all about Jesus. In the surrounding verses he shares how a life revolving around Christ brings glory to Christ in life and death.