March 2015

Who Is Jesus? And Why Does It Matter?

We may pass the test of confession, morality and sacrificial love, but the most important test to define a believer is “Who is Jesus?” Answering that quesetion correctly is a matter of eternal life. John is very clear that Jesus is the Christ, fully divine, yet fully human. However, this test question is not just […]

That’s the Spirit!

God’s Spirit within us gives us the capacity to discern the truth from error and the reality of our spiritual condition.

February 2015

Getting Away With Murder

God’s character is loving, so the character of his children ought to be loving. But love is not something just spoken of, it is something acted out – first by God, and then by his children. Failure to love is just as harmful as taking the person’s life.

Who’s Your Daddy?

We live in an age when it is epidemic that young people do not bear a sense of identity because they do not know who their father is. That same lack of identity can also be found in the church. BIG IDEA: As children of God we are on a journey to live a life […]

Preparing For Your Spiritual Exam

John prepares us for the tests that he will give for checking the authenticity of our faith by giving a thumbnail sketch of the four items he will describe more fully in the rest of the book. These items help us to evaluate the legitimacy of how well we KNOW GOD. The four points in […]

Walk In the Light

1 John 1:5-2:2 Walking in the light means living in such as way that you reflect Christ to those around you. That is the life of the disciple. A disciple does not just fit into the world around them. A disciple shines the way to Christ. This message was presented by one of our Faith […]

January 2015

A Funny Way To Begin A Letter

John begins his for letter to believers in a funny way for us. He doesn’t enter into small talk. He jumps right into what is the most serious of matters, and my doing that introduces us to the essential content of the book – upon what will your salvation be tested authentic? The message includes […]