November 2014

I Will Support My Church By Praying For Its Leaders

Church members may often overlook one of the greatest ways they can support the ministry of their church – praying for their leaders. Leaders are not super-Christians who are impervious to spiritual assault. Leaders are regular people who need the churches support in prayer to effectively lead the people of God.

I Will Treasure My Church By Financially Supporting Its Ministry

Church members of those who financially contribute to the ministry to which they belong. Giving provides the ministry with funds to support the ministries, aid the underprivileged, and care for the church building and staff. It is one of the channels God has given for us to experience blessing.

I Will Not Let Church Be About Preferences And Desires

The church is not about our personal preferences and desires. In fact, church demands that we give up our desires for the benefit of the body. As members we sacrifice for one another, and become servants.

I Am A Functioning Church Member

Membership has become out of vogue, partially because we have come to view membership as the pathway to perks and privileges. Membership, though, in the body of Christ is about responsibility. We all have something to contribute to the body of Christ, even if we seek our contribution as irrelevant and innocuous, or if we […]