May 2018

Experience Grace In Battle

The church is in the midst of a battle. However, sometimes the church seems to forget who the enemy is. When we do that we become vulnerable. When we remember the true enemy, we can properly see how to partner with others on the battlefield.

Experience Grace In The Workplace

Christians are called to put others best interests ahead of their own. What does that look like in the workplace environment? What does it look like when Christian employees and employers put the interest of others ahead of their own?   Relationships are a crucial part of any work environment. When we put others first […]

Experience Grace In the Family

God wants the influence of the Holy Spirit to be dominant within us. When the Spirit’s influence is present it will be demonstrated in key ways in our relationships with one another … particularly in our submission to each others’ best interests. Nowhere will looking out for one another’s best interests be more evident than […]

April 2018

Experience Grace In a Life of Love

Experience Grace In the Church

Grace is not just for personal enjoyment. Grace is how the church is called to live. In Ephesians 4, Paul instructs us to walk in the unity, and provides us a number of signposts for living in that unity.

Experience Grace

Apart from Christ we are dead. In Christ we are made alive.   We can do nothing to rescue ourselves. Christ has already done everything which needs done to bring about our salvation.   This is the message of the gospel … the power of God to bring us back from death to life in […]

No Foolin’

While many in the world would call Christians fools for their beliefs, it is truly foolish to not trust in the will and plan of God. God has blessed us abundantly so is worthy of the worship that we offer to him. Ephesians 1 tells us of three blessings that should bring us to worship […]