November 2017

Teasing The Tithe

God desires for His people to grow in faith, and He provides disciplines as tools to experience that growth.   The discipline of giving is a helpful tool for growth because it helps us to build a deeper trust in God than in our material possessions. God is more concerned with the attitude in which […]

October 2017

Connecting In Community

God desired and equipped us for spiritual growth.   One tool or discipline God has given us for growth is something that we can never do alone because Christianity was never meant to be a lone adventure — Community.   Community helps us grow as we surround ourselves with strategic relationships that receive the benefit […]

Practicing Prayer

God grows my faith to maturity through the practice of a variety of habitual disciplines. One of those habits that God uses to grow my faith is the practice of prayer. Prayer allows me to lean into God, to share my heart, and seek his help.   In Matthew 6, Jesus, in teaching the people […]

Developing A Taste For God’s Word

God desires for us to grow spiritually. He has given us his Word to accomplish that very desire. However, the Word can only fulfill its goal when we get close enough to expose our lives to its influence.   Using a metaphor of eating, this message explores how to develop a fuller appetite for God’s […]