November 2018

Finding Purpose In Reaching The Unconnected 2018

We fulfill our purpose in becoming like Christ and helping others become like Him as we treat the unbelieving as He did. Our purpose of making disciples must begin with fulfilling our EVANGELISTIC mandate.

October 2018

Finding Purpose In Serving The Church

We fulfill our purpose in becoming like Christ and helping others become like Him as we utilize how God has shaped us for ministry to others.   This recording includes an interview with four of the FCC Ministry Team Leaders, as they share their ministry areas and passions.

Finding Purpose In Growing Together 2018

Our identity as God’s children is validated in the love we have for one another. This love should result in an environment that induces one another toward spiritual growth.

Finding Purpose In Connecting With God 2018

We fulfill our purpose of becoming like Christ when we connect with God in a relationship of being loved and loving Him. However, this love is not relegated to a feeling. It is an active commitment to live his purpose.

Finding Purpose In Life 2018

Your purpose is only found in God’s purpose for you!

February 2014

Purposed For Mission

God’s purpose for our lives is not complete until we are used to reach out to those who are still outside of relationship with God.  

January 2014

Purposed For Service

I become like Jesus when I engage in ministry. God designed me to demonstrate his redemptive work through how I serve others.

Purposed For Maturity

If we are to be like Jesus, we will develop relationships that reflect how Jesus would relate to others. Those relationships can not be produced in a typical Sunday worship, but require time together as individuals and in groups.

Worship: What’s the Purpose?

Our worship gatherings are not intended for our own gratification or fulfillment – their purpose is to build up the church body through mutual encouragement and edification.

Finding Purpose In Life

Our New Year’s resolutions often end up being no more than pipe-dreams and wishful thinking. But God has a purpose for our life that is big enough to capture a reason worth living.