November 2012

Temple & Treasure

Temple: Our culture has traded the sanctity of the sexual experience for temporal gratification. Treasure: God can’t own our hearts if he doesn’t own our pocketbook.

Touch & Time

Touch: Our culture defines value by net-worth, but God sees value in relationships, and he desires to use those relationships as avenues for demonstrating His love. Time: God has gifted each of us with 24 hours. How we use our time to advance the Kingdom as part of our tithe.

Task & Talents

We are instructed to “bring the whole tithe”, yet when speaking of tithing, we often limit the discussion to finances. Those with limited resources, can use that as an excuse to not tithe. This message introduces opening that discussion. TASK: From the very beginning, God gave humanity the task of stewardship. TALENTS: Our God-given talents […]