December 2019

The One Who Provides

In the person of Jesus Christ, God has provided mankind with a Savior, and this Savior teaches his followers to ask God for all that we need for our daily lives.   Matthew 6:11-13

Focused on the Father

In the message of Christmas, Jesus’ incarnation is the answer to his prayer that God’s kingdom would burst forth in this world just as incarnation through us is the answer to God’s will being realized.   Matthew 6:9-10

A Prayer Warrior

Attention grabbing prayer is not prayer done to be showy, but prayer that is sincere and specific conversation with God. That is the prayer that grabs God’s attention.   Matthew 6:5-8

November 2019

The Divine Divider

Jesus teaches us to be careful how we live today for judgment will come. How we live today will be measured in how we are judged. Luke 16:19-31 The Parable of the Lazarus and the Rich Man

The Discerner of Our Heart

Matthew 13 – the Parable of the Weeds   Jesus teaches us that weeds and crops will grow together until the second coming. 

The Grace Giver

Jesus teaches us of a father that loves his children when they openly reject him or feign faithfulness to him.   Luke 15:11-32

October 2019

The Object of Our Worship

In a story of contrasting characters, Jesus teaches us that when we look down on others we can’t see that which is truly deserving of our worship.   Luke 18:9-14

The Hospitable Host

Jesus tells a story about a kingdom celebration invitation. Some reject the invitation. Others receive the invitation. The difference in the guest lists demonstrates God’s heart for humanity. We now, as welcome guests, are to serve as inviters to this banquet.   Luke 14:12-24; Matthew 22:11-14; Revelation 19:6-9

The Life of the Party

Jesus teaches us the tremendous value that he places on those who are lost … a value so great that when they are found it is party time.   Luke 15:1-7

God of Tomorrow

The Parable of the Shrewd Manager is one that doesn’t end quite how we would expect at a quick reading. Yet, when we dig down into the story Jesus is calling us to depend on God’s grace as the only resource that can provide a hope-filled future.    Luke 16:1-9

September 2019

Better Financial Planner

The Divine Auditor

The parable of the talents is not a quaint story about using your skills for the kingdom. It is a dire warning to take risks to advance the kingdom, or suffer the consequences of being removed from the king’s kingdom.   Matthew 25:14-30