September 2019

The Eye Opener

Jesus teaches us that the path to heaven is lovingly ministering to those who are in need regardless of the differences which might exist.   Luke 10:25-37

The Best Boss

Jesus teaches us that God is just in never giving us less than we deserve, but gracious in blessing us with what we don’t serve. Yet, we may find ourselves envious of those whom we perceive God treating with generosity.   Matthew 20:1-16

The Seed Sower

Jesus teaches us that we are responsible for sharing what God has done in our lives. He is responsible for the outcome.   Matthew 13:1-9

August 2019

Spiritually Sovereign

Through the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus defeats the demonic forces that war against the soul.   Mark 5:1-20

The Divine Ophthalmologist

Jesus gives sight to those who chose to see who he is. Those who refuse remain in darkness.   John 9

The Great Empathizer

Jesus can use us to bring others to Him so he can perform the miracle of forgiveness.   Mark 2:1-12

A Leader Worth Following

Jesus teaches us that in order to lead we need to learn to follow.   Luke 7

July 2019

A Miraculous Multiplier

Jesus can be trusted to take the simple and meager offerings that we give and do something miraculous with it. No offering is too small. However, our trust should always be in Jesus and not the miracle.   Rick Howerton, is the minister of Phillipsburg Christian Church in Phillipsburg, Missouri.

Captain of My Ship

Jesus is Lord over the storms showing that the physical world is subject to his command. Storms will come. Jesus doesn’t invite us to smooth seas, but to the obedience that trusts in his presence.

A Man of Marvels

Miracles reveal who Jesus is, authenticate his ministry, and bring glory to God. The transitional verses of Matthew 15:29-31 might seem to be incidental. However, these three verses have a tremendous level of importance that speak to God’s love and grace for those outside of his family.

June 2019

The Root of the Fruit

God lovingly cares for us as we are connected to Him through Jesus, the one who makes our lives productive. The evidence of our connection to Him is found in our willing obedience in loving as He does.

A One-Way Street

Jesus is the only way to enter into God’s presence. All other paths lead in the wrong direction.   David Fittro, is the CMF/Equip Missionary to Birmingham, UK. He spoke as part of the annual Faith Promise Mission Emphasis.