August 2015

The Least Expected

Paul a former persecutor of the church is surely among the least likely people to be used by God as a missionary and spokesman for that same church. Paul’s status change applies to us today in two ways: 1) If God can use Paul, he can use us — so allow yourself to be used. […]

June 2015

That’s Why They Call It The Desert

God allows us to go through difficult periods in order to create within us the obedience that he desires in relationship with Him. If we are truly to follow after him it will take some change of perspective that he may only be able to accomplish as we traipse through the desert. Yet, the real […]

July 2014

The Seduction of Compromise

When we give in to the seduction to compromise the Word of God spiritual disaster is soon to follow. Hardwork, love, perseverance do not reduce the spiritual destruction to those who lose sight of the truth of God’s word.

April 2014

Better Covenant

God’s has offered a better covenant – a covenant not based on intimidating rules, but on a intimate relationship.

February 2013

Open Heart Surgery

February 2012

The Battle Begins

Upper Story – the community God intends for his people is one that cannot tolerate evil

March 2011

I Wanna Be Like Jesus

Christ surprises us with his grace because he shows it not just to those who deserve it, but those who make take it for granted.