August 2019

A Leader Worth Following

Jesus teaches us that in order to lead we need to learn to follow.   Luke 7

July 2018

Forget What You Heard

You’ve heard the cliche “out with the old, in with the new” right? Well, that doesn’t apply here. Jesus did not come to remove the law; actually his arrival improved the law.

May 2018

Experience Grace In the Family

God wants the influence of the Holy Spirit to be dominant within us. When the Spirit’s influence is present it will be demonstrated in key ways in our relationships with one another … particularly in our submission to each others’ best interests. Nowhere will looking out for one another’s best interests be more evident than […]

February 2014

Better Revelation

Jesus is God’s best revelation to mankind.

June 2013

Reserve Time For God

Commandment #4: God knows we need downtime to recenter in Him and refresh physically and emotionally.

March 2012

Standing Tall, Falling Hard

Upper Story – God desires for us stand out from the world by reflecting his character.

July 2011

Faith Works

Faith is not static belief. It is a working and active, validating its presence by its actions.

March 2011

Bobble-Heads & the Solid Rock

Jesus did not wag his head to the prevailing desires of people around him. Even when it meant standing alone, he stood for truth.