December 2019

The One Who Provides

In the person of Jesus Christ, God has provided mankind with a Savior, and this Savior teaches his followers to ask God for all that we need for our daily lives.   Matthew 6:11-13

November 2019

The Discerner of Our Heart

Matthew 13 – the Parable of the Weeds   Jesus teaches us that weeds and crops will grow together until the second coming. 

September 2019

Better Financial Planner

April 2019

Just Like Us

Jesus was just like us–born with a past and a history–and we have been made to become like him.

March 2019

God Is Love – What Does That Mean?

God is love. Love defines his character. It defines who he is. It should also define how his followers live and relate to others.

September 2018

Do Something Different

July 2018

Do Not Worry

April 2018

Experience Grace In a Life of Love

January 2018

The One Who Speaks

In Revelation, Jesus Christ reveals himself to John as the One who speaks, both in John’s time and in ours.

July 2017

The Lesson Learned

Paul does not promise that we will accomplish anything. He reminds us that we can experience contentment in all situations.

Making The Choice To Rejoice

Joy is not dependent upon circumstances. Joy is a disposition that is chosen. The choice comes from our understanding one’s position in Christ.

March 2017


God met Jacob in Bethel and that place became a place of worship. God promises that since his presence is always with his people everywhere we are can be a place of worship.