June 2019

A One-Way Street

Jesus is the only way to enter into God’s presence. All other paths lead in the wrong direction.   David Fittro, is the CMF/Equip Missionary to Birmingham, UK. He spoke as part of the annual Faith Promise Mission Emphasis.

A Grave Buster

Jesus’s main concern is not to make your life better, but to make your faith better as you trust Him in the middle of life.   Ben Hedger, the Director of Blackbox International, spoke as part of the annual Faith Promise Mission’s Emphasis

An Open Door

Jesus stated, “I am the door.” What does this pastoral analogy mean? It is a divine declaration of a protective and provisional role that Jesus offers to play in our lives. But we must choose to enter the door before its expiration date arrives.   Messsage presented by Lance Hurley, Executive Director of Ignite Churchplanting […]

June 2018

Lincoln Christian University Faith Promise

Don Green, President of Lincoln Christian University shares a vision for the ministry to LCU that can be shared by the people of FCC Chicago, based on the logo of LCU.   The recording begins with a brief interview with Don Green before Don shares his message.

Southside Pregnancy Center

Kathy Bozyk, the Executive Director of Southside Pregnancy Center, shares about the work of SPC and current plans and challenges, and shares a message about overcoming fear.

June 2017

Faith Means Forward

Faith is trust. Faith pleases God. Faith moves us forward.   Message is presented by Lance Hurley, the Executive Director of Ignite Churchplanting as part of our annual Faith Promise season.

Trust In The Lord

Kit Dotson, Director of Church Relations for Milligan College, shares about trusting God from Proverb 3:5-6.

May 2017

Trust In His Plan

As Joseph trusted that God would accomplish the plan revealed to Joseph through his dreams, God continues to be trustworthy about accomplishing His plan in our lives.   This message was presented by First Christian Church of Chicago’s mission partner to South Africa, Steve Zimmerman. Find out more about his ministry at sacmonline.org/

May 2016

Ministry Matters

Ministry is a channel for spreading God’s hope.   This message by Kit Dodson, of Milligan College, was part of the 2016 Faith Promise Emphasis.

Rediscovering Hope

Christianity is about rediscovering hope. Our partnership in missions is a partnership in sharing that hope with others.   This message was presented by Kathy Bozyk, the Executive Director of Southside Pregnancy Center as part of FCC Chicago’s annual Faith Promise Emphasis.  

May 2015

Making A Difference Through Church Planting

Chuck Richardson, the Director of Operations for Ignite Churchplanting, shared the difference that FCC is making in the lives of people by partnering to plant churches in the greater Chicagoland area. All of us make a difference, whether it be in great actions or in small. We are all called to participate in making a […]

Making A Difference Through Southside Pregnancy Center

The Faith Promise representative from Southside Pregnancy Center shared how FCC is making a difference through our support of the organization. Young lives are rescued from abortion. Young mothers are saved from guilt.