March 2017


Many of the characters of the Bible are subject to deceit. We are as well. But the comforting truth is that God’s plan is never hijacked by deception. His purposes will always be worked out.

January 2017

Sin: Paradise Lost

Adam and Eve were placed in paradise, but it didn’t take long for paradise to be lost to sin. Since we live in a world that follows Adam into sin, we too don’t experience paradise.   Yet, in this story of the fall into sin is the beginning of a message of hope and grace. […]

November 2014

I Will Support My Church By Praying For Its Leaders

Church members may often overlook one of the greatest ways they can support the ministry of their church – praying for their leaders. Leaders are not super-Christians who are impervious to spiritual assault. Leaders are regular people who need the churches support in prayer to effectively lead the people of God.

April 2014

Better Confidence

Since we have a better priest who served in a better tabernacle to present himself as a better sacrifice, we find we have a better confidence because it produces a growing relationship with God, and a departure from our lives of sin. This better confidence will equip us to persevere when our faith is tested.

January 2013

Worship Busters