Our Core Ministry Values

8 Passions Which Drive Our Ministry

Churches come in all different shapes and sizes, matched only by the assortment of priorities and goals they seek to achieve. Those priorities, as well as the shape of the church, are usually determined by the core values that direct the organization and drive its ministry. These values can be as diverse as the shapes and sizes of each church.
Here are the eight core ministry values of FCC of Chicago as defined by the Eldership.

First Tier

  • Biblical Authority –Scripture is God’s self-revelation and as we spend time getting to know what it teaches it serves as the primary guide for our theology and practice, both with the church body and our personal lives.
  • Transformational Worship – Our response to redemption is authentic, ongoing life change, reflected in personal and corporate worship.
  • Authentic Grace – The community of believers, who may be broken by life, experience true healing community as we honestly and authentically share ourselves and practice exchanging the grace and peace of Christ with one another.
  • Evangelism – Our primary responsibility toward those whom God yet desires to include in His family is being a witness of God’s redeeming work, in word and deed.


Second Tier

  • Diversity – The church best demonstrates the unity of the body of Christ as people of different ethnic, linguistic, generational, and socio-economic backgrounds learn to live and worship in harmony with one another. 
  • Teamwork – The Christian life is not a solo venture, but an adventure share in community as every member contributes to the well-being of the entire community toward the achievement of our shared goal. 
  • Excellence – We seek to prepare and present every aspect of ministry to the best of our ability because God is worthy of our best.
  • Simplicity – Simplicity in ministry creates an environment that is devoid of the cultural clutter that distracts us from focusing on our defined purpose in ministry.