Our Ministry Strategy

Baseball Diamond

The goal of the Christian life is that a believer would grow spiritually to become like Jesus Christ. That means that in their beliefs, behavior, character, and attitudes they would increasingly be transformed into the image of Jesus – THAT IS SPIRITUAL GROWTH! – That is the life God created you to enjoy. To not grow spiritually is to die spiritually. That is why we express the spiritual value of growing into Christ’s character as the primary goal in our Ministry Purpose Statement:

To cooperate as a team to build Christlikeness in others.

However, many people desire to experience spiritual growth, but do not know how to go about experiencing a transformed life. The Process of Growth for First Christian Church of Chicago is a simple plan for you to experience the life that God designed for you. Since we are fulfilling our purpose as a TEAM, we think of our Growth Process in terms of a baseball diamond that has a clearly marked path in order to reach the defined destination — growth in Christlikeness.


First Base – Connect w/ God

Connecting with God through authentic worship is the first step in the Process for Growth. As we connect with God and learn that he is a God of grace that desires the best in life for us, we become a people of worship that celebrate God for who he is and what he has done for us.

Connecting with God has two stages:

  1. making a decision to embrace a relationship with God; and
  2. the continued celebration of God through corporate worship on Sundays at 10:00am.


Second Base – Grow Together

God did not create us to do the Christian life alone. He created us to grow to become like Christ in community.

We need each other in order to experience life transformation. It is in living the shared life that we receive the encouragement, the guidance, the correction, and the teaching to stretch toward a life that imitates Christ. Left to ourselves, we continue to struggle with the same issues and challenges that frequently defeat us. Connecting with others to experience transformation provides a hand up when we might fall on our own.

First Christian Church of Chicago urges people to participate in a Connection Group where they can experience the support, healing and guidance of others journeying along with them toward transformation. Several Connection Groups meet on Sundays at 11:30am, while others meet throughout the week.


Third Base – Serve the Church

Not only do we need one another in relationships. We need one another in ministry. God has created and designed every believer, from young to old, with the ability to be a person on impact within the body of Christ. The area of greatest impact is found in how God has SHAPEd them for serving (their personal combination of Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences). Serving within the area that God has SHAPEd us allows us to perform effective ministry as a church, to meet the needs of the church family, and to experience a sense of fruitfulness and fulfillment from our contribution. At FCC, we offer assistance in discovering your SHAPE for ministry through a the seminar, “Motivated for Ministry“, and through individualized guidance by a Ministry Guide/Consultant. Sessions of the seminar are held 2 times per year.


Home Plate – Reach the Unconnected

The church is not just for those who are already Christians. God desires that everyone would discover the love that he has for them, and connecting in an enduring relationship with Him and His Church. A home run as a believer is influencing those who are currently far from God and His Church to begin the process of growing in faith.

Believers influence those who are far from God in two ways:

  1. Personal Evangelism – when believers build lasting and meaningful relationships with unconnected people and are able to share God’s love with them through acts of compassion and words of grace.
  2. Community Outreach – when believers join together to demonstrate to the community God’s love by addressing real needs within the community. Greater Ashburn Community Development Corporation. is the community outreach arm of First Christian Church of Chicago, providing assorted services to the community.