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November 2010

Rich Givers

Because I have more, I will be intentional about my giving.

October 2010

Deceitfulness of Riches

Satan desires to corrupt our hearts to love money rather than God

Good News, Bad News

The good and bad news about our being rich. Good news we are rich. Bad news riches require responsibility.

Do Your Part

What’s Love Got To Do With It

Love ought to guide how we employ our gifts.

Ministry For All

Often we can suffer from either pride or low-worth when it comes to appreciating our own gifting.

September 2010

God of Gifting

We serve a God who marvels in the diversity of gifts that he places on his people.

Celebrating 125 Years & Beyond

This message was presented on the 125th Anniversary Worship Celebration at First Christian Church of Chicago. The message celebrates the legacy of those before and invites us to continue to press forward in ministry.

Who Then Can Be Saved?

Preparing Our Community To Meet Christ

This message on Jesus sending out the 72 was in preparation of sending the church out to prayer walk the neighborhood.

August 2010

Heaven: What Is This Place?

And The Winner Is …