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October 2011

Joseph: Learning To Overcome Evil

Loving our enemies is something that God supernaturally does in us.

David & Jonathon: Learning To Experience Authentic Community

True community is experienced when the real you meets real needs for the right reasons in the right way.

Moses: Learning To Come To Grips With the Real You

Because we sin and we live in a fallen world, we struggle to have a clear identity. Yet, as believers, you belong to the body of Christ and you are needed.

September 2011

Daniel: Learning To Get God’s Best

Christians are not to be a mirror image of the world. Knowledge of God’s Word should transform our lives.

Abraham: Learning To Give God What He Wants Most

What God desires most from us is a life that is fully surrendered to Him.

What Is True Spirituality?

Introduction to Romans 12 as a starting point for discussing what Christian living is all about.

August 2011

Rescuing Renegades

UpsiDe 2Christians have a tremendous task of pulling wandering souls from the fire.

Invocation, Intercession & Intervention

UpsiDe 2Christians should deal with suffering, sickness and sin by intercession with God and intervention in the lives of fellow believers.

Oppression, Patience & Promise

UpsiDe 2Christians should respond to oppression not by usurping God’s role of avenger but through prophetic patience.

July 2011

A Cure For What Ails You

UpsiDe 2Pride bars us from God’s work in our lives. We need to humbly surrender to God so that he can produce spiritual victory in us.

Setting Fires & Praising God

Faith Works

UpsiDe 2Faith is not static belief. It is a working and active, validating its presence by its actions.