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January 2012

From Slave To Deputy Pharoah

Archway_Banner smallUpper Story – God continues to compose his story even in difficult times when we don’t see his hand at work.

God Builds A Nation

Archway_Banner smallUpper Story – God begins to build a nation through Abraham which will show others how to live in relationship with God.

The Beginning Of Life As We Know It

Archway_Banner smallUpper Story – God created the world and humanity to live in the world so that he could have a relationship with people. Even when the relationship was broken by sin he makes the initial steps toward redeeming the relationship.

What’s With “The Story”?

Archway_Banner smallScripture is God’s Story … and yet a story line that we have been written into. To really know God, we need to know his Upper Story, and not just our Lower Story.

December 2011

Glimpse of Glory

Jesus’ incarnation revealed God’s guarantee, God’s glory and God’s grace

How God Measures Generosity

God measures generosity, not by the size of the gift, but the size of the sacrifice.

November 2011

Why God Prospers Generous People

Those blessed by God become blessers of others .

Generosity: The Gateway To Intimacy

Generosity is the pathway to intimacy with God because it shows you trust him.

Jesus of John

Steve Zimmerman, missionary with South African Christian Mission & Cape Bible Seminary

What Is The Genius of Generosity

Life in the Kingdom of God will be demonstrated in joy produced radical, extravagant generosity.

October 2011

Student Sunday

r12 Celebration