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June 2019

A Grave Buster

Jesus’s main concern is not to make your life better, but to make your faith better as you trust Him in the middle of life.
Ben Hedger, the Director of Blackbox International, spoke as part of the annual Faith Promise Mission’s Emphasis

The Good Life

The good life is not a life of self-sufficiency and self-fulfillment as we have been taught and lead to believe. Contrary, the good life is a life led by and totally dependent on Jesus Christ. 
John 10:10-18
Psalm 23

An Open Door

Jesus stated, “I am the door.” What does this pastoral analogy mean? It is a divine declaration of a protective and provisional role that Jesus offers to play in our lives. But we must choose to enter the door before its expiration date arrives.
Messsage presented by Lance Hurley, Executive Director of Ignite Churchplanting during Faith Promise 2019

May 2019

Light In A Dark Place

In the middle of the Feast of Tabernacles (also called the Festival of Lights), Jesus declares He is the light of the world. Since light is know to reveal, Jesus is saying that He reveals who God is in a dark sinful world. Yet, the reaction to His light is less than warm.
“I am the light of the world” is also the only “I Am” statement that Jesus shares with us.

Bread For The Journey

Jesus is what truly satisfies the hunger which fills our lives. When we choose to address our hunger with that which is temporal, we miss out on that which satisfies.

A Messy Messiah

Matthew’s record of Jesus’ genealogy messes with the tight categories and limited exclusions that we often place on those who can be part of and used in God’s family. The way Matthew’s Messiah messes with us is in the inclusion of a set of mothers in an otherwise patriarchal genealogy. As we consider why these mothers are included we witness three teaching concepts that mess with our traditional understanding of who is in and out, who is useful and unuseful.

The Misfit Among Misfits

Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus highlights four women. That in itself is unusual. However, we when look more closely at the women included it becomes scandalous. The women in Jesus’ family tree are an unlikely group of sinners and misfits … and because of that, we see He is able to work through our imperfections.

April 2019

Just Like Us

Jesus was just like us–born with a past and a history–and we have been made to become like him.

Love That Makes All Things New

The Resurrection is good news in that it signals that God makes all things new, a new creation that restores things to the way God designed … including our very lives. 

Love That Conquers Death

Death is the great tragedy of the human experience, so when Jesus went to the cross on a Friday, it was anything but “good.” The darkness and the tragedy of Good Friday capture how we often feel in life: overwhelmed by brokenness in the world, filled with discouragement or despair, aware of the darkness and fear in our own hearts. Death is the end of all possibilities. And if there is no answer for death, then all other answers do not matter.

Love That Forgives Our Sin

Big Idea: Today, we will talk about God in his love freeing us from sin as it unfolds in an encounter between Peter and Jesus.
Key Text: John 21
Series Big Idea: Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus, we see the love of God. When we look at Jesus, we can say, “This is love.”

March 2019

Knowing God Through Community

We are created in the image of God. As image bearers, we are called to reflect God’s character to the world around us; both to believers and to unbelievers. In so doing we allow others to see God through us.