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January 2014

Finding Purpose In Life

Finding Purpose In LifeOur New Year’s resolutions often end up being no more than pipe-dreams and wishful thinking. But God has a purpose for our life that is big enough to capture a reason worth living.

December 2013

Better Christmas Transforms Lives

12-29-13 Transforms LivesJust like our observance of Christmas, our life can get out of focus and the impact hits other areas of our lives. But as we get our focus on Christ it has the power to transform our lives.

Better Christmas Reflects Two Advents

12-22-13 Two AdventsChristmas is a season for reflecting on two advents – the advent past and what it has accomplished, and the advent which is yet to come.

Good News: The Birth of Jesus and the Life That Followed

The importance of Christmas is not just wrapped in the birth of Jesus, but in the life that he lived … a life that we are called to emulate.

Have A Better Christmas Through Jesus’ Understanding

Jesus UnderstandingJesus’ humanity subjected him to the temptations that we experience, but since he was sinless, it lets us know that God understands and extends his grace.

Your Invitation To A Better Christmas

Your Invitation To A Better ChristmasGod provides a better Christmas by offering us something better than the world can ever offer … His Son to walk in our shoes.

November 2013

How Can I Give Thanks Now?

Sowing & Reaping

3 Sowing & ReapingGod takes what we sow and provides a multiplied harvest … it may not be in financial resources, but it comes in other blessings – temporal and eternal.

Principles of Multiplication

Principles of Multiplication PPGod does multiply our resources when we commit to give to Him. However, the principles of multiplication require the risk of giving before you see God multiply.

God Must Be First

God Must Be FirstGod must always be first … so our giving to God must always by the first use of our finances.

Examining My Experiences

SHAPE1God uses the experiences, the collection of life events, situations, and opportunities to finely tune us for ministry. These experiences particularly include spiritual, educational, ministry and painful experiences that have helped to shape us and our ministry.

October 2013

Plugging In My Personality

SHAPEOur individual personalities determines how our spiritual gifts, heart, and abilities will be employed in ministry. At the same time, differences in personalities may be one of the biggest contributors to conflict in the church.