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July 2014

The Church of Loveless Orthodoxy

Like the church at Ephesus, we sometimes neglect the practice of demonstrating love toward others in exchange for emphasizing correct doctrine.

June 2014

Knowing The One Who Writes

Knowing The One Who WritesWhen we no longer stand in awe of Christ, we are only a step away from sin. Jesus presents himself in his full glory to address two crises that result from having too small of a view of God.

Anything Is Possible

When I Am The Difficult Person

When I Am The Difficult PersonAll of my difficult relationships have one thing in common – ME. Philippians 2:1-11 give an example of how I can overcome the selfishness and pride that can contribute to my being the difficult person for others.

Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing With Difficult PeopleAs soon as we begin to relate to one another, we learn the painfulness of relationships. However, in spite of this pain, the goal of all relationships remains the same – the enacting of redemptive grace.

This message looks particularly at three difficult relationships for a believer and offers Biblical principles for dealing with the difficult people in each.

May 2014

Testimonial from Kathy Bozyk

Faith Promise makeaThis message is a testimonial from the Southside Pregnancy Center Executive Director, Kathy Bozyk shared during our annual Faith Promise Mission Emphasis.

“Here’s the bott

God Is A Sending God

Faith Promise makea

Faith Promise is not just about missions out there somewhere. God is a sending God, and God sends us. But God is a sending God, and God also sends me. I have a personal responsibility in God’s mission.

Better Future

Better FutureThe relationship you choose with God determines the future you will experience. Live at a distance or live in relationship.

Better Faith

Better FaithA better priest who initiated a better covenant serving in a better tabernacle to offer a better sacrifice granting us a better confidence results in a better faith – a faith that saves.

April 2014

Better Confidence

Better Confidence

Since we have a better priest who served in a better tabernacle to present himself as a better sacrifice, we find we have a better confidence because it produces a growing relationship with God, and a departure from our lives of sin. This better confidence will equip us to persevere when our faith is tested.

Better Sacrifice

Better Sacrifice

Jesus’ death provides a better sacrifice for sin. When he had sacrificed himself, he went to be with God and open the

way for us to access a relationship with Him (something the law could not accomplish).

Better Sanctuary

Better Sanctuary The sacrifice of Jesus’ blood was not presented in the tabernacle, but before God in His heavenly throne room. Thus the sacrifice of Jesus’ was able to accomplish what the blood of bulls and goats never could – a forgiveness free of regret, second thoughts, guilt, and shame.