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October 2014


ShareOnce we have connected with lost people and demonstrated God’s love for them through acts of service, there comes a time when we need to open our mouths — and share our stories in a way that points people to Christ. Often we have made the task of sharing much more difficult than it needs to be.


Life On Mission Web BannerAfter we have connected with lost people, we have not completed our life on mission. Life On Mission also includes serving others, especially those who would be considered the outcast and the despised. When we live a life of service, we show the love of God to people in tangible ways. The parable of the Good Samaritan paints this call for service in a dynamic story.

September 2014


Connect Jesus has called us to be witnesses. However, the question remains on “how does this witness thing happen?” If you are going to live a life on mission, you will have to connect with lost people. You cannot reach those who you do not touch.

The Starting Point For A Life On Mission

The Starting Point For Life On MissionWhen Jesus Instructs the disciples to notice the readiness of the harvest, and urges them to prayer for laborers to bring the harvest in the central focus is not on seeing the harvest or on praying for harvesters. The key to the text is th

An Invitation To Life On Mission

An Invitation To Life On MissionJesus tells the story of two lost sons in luke 15, and through the story he invites us to embark with Him and the Father on a Life On Mission.
This message is a first-person telling of the Parable of the Lost Sons from the perspective of the older brother.

August 2014

Romans 12

ZimmermansSteve Zimmerman, FCC’s ministry partner to South Africa, shared this message on the life change of a believer according to Romans 12. You can find out more about Steve Zimmerman, South African Christian Mission and Cape Bible Seminary at this link.

The Church That Makes Jesus Sick

The Church That Makes Jesus SickIt is quite an indictment to be labeled as a church that makes Jesus sick, but that describes the church in Laodicea. They had lost their witness as either a refreshing, invigorating (cold) community of faith, or a healing, restoring (hot) place. At least

The Church of Possibilities

08-10-14The church at Philadelphia was rewarded for its faithfulness by the God who opens doors, whose ongoing work in today’s church creates unlimited possibilities for each of us.

The Church of Reputation or Reality

08-03-14The letter to Sardis serves as a wake-up call to today’s church, challenging us to confront reality rather than resting on our reputation.

July 2014

The Church In A Tight Spot

The Church In A Tough SpotPergamum was a city with vast religious options. Believers would face constant temptation to seek fulfillment for their life needs from any number of these gods, and turn their back on Jesus. When we start looking for someone else to full our needs in life, we are traipsing into Satan’s throneroom.

The Seduction of Compromise

When we give in to the seduction to compromise the Word of God spiritual disaster is soon to follow. Hardwork, love, perseverance do not reduce the spiritual destruction to those who lose sight of the truth of God’s word.

The Church Struggling To Survive

The Church Struggling To SurviveSpiritual struggles are not to be feared because they are an opportunity for growth. Those who surrender to cultural seduction will not suffer the persecution, oppression or pressure that will build their faith. Neither will they escape the Second Death.