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December 2014

One Worthy Of Our Waiting

WorthyIn the period between the OT and NT God remained silent. Sometimes, he is just as silent to our ears. However, we learn in the waiting that God is working behind the scenes. They waited for the Messiah, we wait for God’s movement in us through the Holy Spirit. He leaves us waiting – working on us as he fulfills His purpose. How we wait is just as important as that we wait.

November 2014

I Will Support My Church By Praying For Its Leaders

(Sharefaith App Image)Church members may often overlook one of the greatest ways they can support the ministry of their church – praying for their leaders. Leaders are not super-Christians who are impervious to spiritual assault. Leaders are regular people who need the churches support in prayer to effectively lead the people of God.

I Will Treasure My Church By Financially Supporting Its Ministry

(Sharefaith App Image)Church members of those who financially contribute to the ministry to which they belong. Giving provides the ministry with funds to support the ministries, aid the underprivileged, and care for the church building and staff. It is one of the channels God has given for us to experience blessing.

I Will Not Let Church Be About Preferences And Desires

The church is not about our personal preferences and desires. In fact, church demands that we give up our desires for the benefit of the body. As members we sacrifice for one another, and become servants.

I Am A Functioning Church Member

IAACM-fb1Membership has become out of vogue, partially because we have come to view membership as the pathway to perks and privileges. Membership, though, in the body of Christ is about responsibility. We all have something to contribute to the body of Christ, even if we seek our contribution as irrelevant and innocuous, or if we are tempted to consider other’s contributions as inferior.

We Are The Church

Message from Unity Sunday, November 2, 2014. We as a unified church, ought to act as the body of Christ, functioning in tandem with one another for the sake of the larger kingdom of God.

October 2014


Life On Mission Web BannerLiving a Life on Mission is too great a task for us to accomplish on our own. That is why Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would be given to the church to help them in that task. However, the time spent in prayer opened the early church up to a powerful working of the Spirit that is often missing today. As we pray for ourselves and for those we will be a witness to, the Holy Spirit brings God involvement into the equation.


GrowThe goal of witness is not to dunk people in a baptistery, but to see them transformed into Christlikeness. Growing spiritually is of significance for both the witness and those who are receiving the witness. The presence or absence of spiritual growth has the perhaps the greatest capacity to advance or inhibit our witness.


ShareOnce we have connected with lost people and demonstrated God’s love for them through acts of service, there comes a time when we need to open our mouths — and share our stories in a way that points people to Christ. Often we have made the task of sharing much more difficult than it needs to be.


Life On Mission Web BannerAfter we have connected with lost people, we have not completed our life on mission. Life On Mission also includes serving others, especially those who would be considered the outcast and the despised. When we live a life of service, we show the love of God to people in tangible ways. The parable of the Good Samaritan paints this call for service in a dynamic story.

September 2014


Connect Jesus has called us to be witnesses. However, the question remains on “how does this witness thing happen?” If you are going to live a life on mission, you will have to connect with lost people. You cannot reach those who you do not touch.

The Starting Point For A Life On Mission

The Starting Point For Life On MissionWhen Jesus Instructs the disciples to notice the readiness of the harvest, and urges them to prayer for laborers to bring the harvest in the central focus is not on seeing the harvest or on praying for harvesters. The key to the text is th