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June 2015

David: An Ordinary Man Serving An Extraordinary God

David, unlike many of our gilded appraisals, was far from the perfect person. So what did it mean to be “a man after God’s own heart.” It is never about the person themselves. It is always about God’s ability to use the broken and imperfect to accomplish His purposes.

Get Off The Merry-Go-Round

News B90

Israel, in the book of Judges, was caught on a wild merry-go-round ride swirling between sin, oppression, repentance and redemption. But we aren’t unfamiliar with their ride. We often hop on that crazy adventure of sin ourselves.

However, when the Israelites

That’s Why They Call It The Desert

News B90

God allows us to go through difficult periods in order to create within us the obedience that he desires in relationship with Him. If we are truly to follow after him it will take some change of perspective that he may only be able to accomplish as we traipse through the desert. Yet, the real call for us is to learn from the desert wanderings of Israel in our own journey toward a life of godly obedience.

Abraham: The Journey of Faith

News B90The B90 Message series is a series that accompanies our congregational effort to read through the entire Bible in 90 Days. This is the first message in the series.
Abraham is mentioned as the “father of faith”, however, Abraham’s faith was not perfect. Often is could best described as “lurching toward faith.” But as imperfect as his faith was there were characteristics that made his faith notable.

May 2015

Growing Like Jesus Did

As believers, we are called to grow just as Jesus did, following the example of Jesus as a twelve-year-old boy.

Lessons On Personal Ministry

Ministry is not the responsibility of the professional, or the leader. Ministry is a shared responsibility for all of those in the body of Christ.
This message from Romans 12:3-8 speaks about 4 lessons that we need to learn and put into practice in order to faithfully and fruitfully fulfill our ministry calling.

Making A Difference Through Church Planting

Chuck Richardson, the Director of Operations for Ignite Churchplanting, shared the difference that FCC is making in the lives of people by partnering to plant churches in the greater Chicagoland area.
All of us make a difference, whether it be in great actions or in small. We are all called to participate in making a difference in the different ways that God has enabled us.

Making A Difference Through Southside Pregnancy Center

The Faith Promise representative from Southside Pregnancy Center shared how FCC is making a difference through our support of the organization.
  • Young lives are rescued from abortion.
  • Young mothers are saved from guilt.

Advancing The Kingdom to The World

Don Green, the President of Lincoln Christian University, shared that God has a purpose. His purpose has to do with advancing His Kingdom. That kingdom is both diverse and unified. We are his instrument for advancement.
Message by Don Green, the President of Lincoln Christian University.

April 2015


Sermon A Book That Makes A DifferenceThe Bible accomplishes its purpose of leading us to Jesus and equipping us for everything we will face as God’s children through four activities that God’s Word can accomplish: teaching (instruction in proper beliefs), rebuking (clearing up


Book That Makes A DifferenceScripture is the Word of God, and as such, it speaks to us with the full authority and power of God himself.
God Word is inspired in that He, through the work of the Holy Spirit, guided human authors to write His timeless truth.

Zombies, Zonks and Magic Acts: Why The Easter Message Matters

Easter MessageThe Resurrection is not just another theological tenet of Christianity. It is what holds Christian theology together, and as such it matters in what we believe and how we live.
This message considers 5 contrasts that Paul offers between life without the resurrection, and how the resurrection changes everything.