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October 2015


Sermon OneChrist makes us one by his sacrifice on the cross. However, division, discrimination, prejudice and racism still run rampant. Oneness in Christ destroys the walls of racial prejudice. Racism has not place in the heart of God. We sin when we rebuild or at least do not attempt to chip away at this walls.
The ONE series is based on Galatians 3:28, and has a connection to the soon to be released movie Woodlawn.

September 2015


Sermon OneWe live in a world with is craving “oneness”, a sense of enduring community. However, oneness will not be experienced by humanistic tolerance. It is not a solid enough foundation to sustain harmony.
However, in the book of Galatians, Paul shares a message of faith and hope in the ONE who is the sufficient foundation for experiencing oneness. Through the book of Galatians, Paul defines that truth in four components which unite us as his family loving one another.

Faithful Past – Hope-filled Future

Sermon Faithful PastOn the 130th Anniversary of First Christian Church of Chicago, the FCC family of Chicago reflected on Hebrews 12:1-2 as a hinge upon which the church would turn. With 130 years of witnesses for life transformation and faithful witness, the church stands at the juncture of

Prayer That Works

Prayer That WorksPrayer is not a kid’s game. Prayer is essential for confronting the spiritual battles that we will face in our lives. In order for prayer to work, it needs to be approached correctly. While there is not magical formula for effective prayer, Jesus shares a variety of principles f

Preparing For Battle

Preparing For Battle
As Christians we are called to war … a cosmic battle between good and evil, a battle with the Devil. This battle is real, and has the potential to claim the souls of many believers if they do not properly prepare to confront the deceitful schemes of the Devil. This message provides guidance for properly preparing for victory in that battle.
Message adapted with clips from the movie War Room.

August 2015

The Least Expected

News B90Paul a former persecutor of the church is surely among the least likely people to be used by God as a missionary and spokesman for that same church.
Paul’s status change applies to us today in two ways:
1) If God can use Paul, he can use us — so allow yourself to be used.
2) No one is so far gone that God cannot reach and use them — so reach for the outcasts.

What Is A Messiah?

News B90God, for centuries, had been preparing His people for the arrival of the Messiah — the one who would bring His presence to mankind, not through a structure, but through a man. However, when Jesus arrived, he didn’t necessarily fit the mold that people expected. Jesus didn’t arrive as triumphant King, but as Servant-Messiah. Matthew’s quote of Isaiah 42, in chapter 12, frames Jesus’ ministry as he wants us to see Jesus.

More Than Another Big Fish Story

News B90Jonah is not about big fish. The real story of Jonah is about big weeds and big cities. Like Jonah, we may have more concern about our pettiness than about things that touch the heart of God.

Big Britches, Hard Falls, & Right Minds

News B90In a world that is concerned about protecting fragile self-esteem and puffing up pride, the story of Nebuchadnezzar is a hard to grasp. To the king with all of the known world under his control, the message is simple, “There is only one king … and it is not you.” We, likewise, can become consume

July 2015

Jeremiah: Downtraded Faith

News B90Life is filled with choices and trade-offs. But the biggest threat to our Christian life is when we choose to trade the real thing for a lesser quality version. That is the problem that Jeremiah was addressing in Jeremiah 7 – at least three ways that the people of Judah had downgraded their faith to God’s unflattering assessment.

Solomon: Words, Wisdom, and Watching What We Say

In Proverbs, King Solomon teaches that discernment in speech is a hallmark of true wisdom.

Preparation For Purpose

News B90JoAnn shares an insightful message on the principle characters and supporting cast in the story of Esther. The book of Esther teaches us that God is able to use us in, or even in spite of, our various capacities and inclinations to fulfill His purposes.
God has strategically placed all of us in a divine spot to play a part in His plan. The question is: Are we going to play that role?