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August 2016

Confession and Crisis

Message Rock Solid Faith

What you say is never enough. If you don’t substantiate your faith with your actions you will be confronted by Jesus.
Jesus asked the disciples who he was. Peter responded that Jesus was the expected Messiah. However, what he does immediately after

July 2016

A Future With Hope

When we put our faith in God, we have a hope for the future that will sustain us through the unexpected circumstances of our lives.

Marriage Made For Heaven

A Marriage Made For Heaven
We all approach marriage with a hope that it will be lasting. However, if we attempt to build it on a foundation that will not support it, it will not last.
Paul shares with us, in Ephesians 5, the perfect marriage, between Christ and the Church, and provides through that example a pattern for us to following in building a lasting marriage.

Rejection, Regret and Repentance

Message Rock Solid Faith

Peter and Judas both betrayed Jesus. Judas by turning him over to the authorities; Peter by denouncing him three times. Yet the difference really comes at how each of the respond to the regret when their sin is brought to light.
Each of us live with regrets, those decisions that we come to say, “If only …” How we deal with those regrets make the real difference. Judas shows us the despair which can result from regret. Peter shows us how it can move us to repentance.

We Are In This Together

Message We Are In This TogetherThe events of the first week of July 2016 remind us that our world is in chaos. Nothing makes it clearer than the senseless loss of lives during this week.
It is time that we in the church take a stand both against the racial injustice

Encounter & Exchange

Message Rock Solid Faith
Jesus gives Simon a new name … the Rock. Through the life encounters with Simon gradually change into that person with rock solid faith. Jesus desires the same transition to occur in us.
In Simon’s third encounter with Jesus (Luke 5:1-11), we see the transformation begin to occur as Simon makes three exchanges of old for new. These transitions are also needed in our lives.

June 2016

Live Your Lesson

Raising Kids
Parents have the responsibility of teaching their children to love God with everything they are. However, their greatest teaching method is not what comes out of their mouth, but what comes out of their lives. 
However, we are called to become like Christ, and as we live a Christlike example, we have the greatest chance of teaching them to love Jesus. But when they seem something other than Jesus in our lives we may do more spiritual damage to them.

Imprinting God’s Love On Your Child

Raising Kids

As parents, we have the primary responsibility of imprinting our children with a love for God. We do that as we engage them in teaching opportunities that allow us to speak God’s word and love into their lives.
Yet, to often we allow the church to own responsibility for our children’s discipleship, or are unavailable to our children.

Building The Foundation

Raising Kids
We live in the midst of an X-Rated world, but God has called us to live a godly or G-Rated life. How do we life that G-Rated life? More importantly, how do we raise our kids to live a G-Rated life in the midst of this world.
Living that life begins at the same place as it began with the Hebrew people as they prepared to enter the Promised Land … another X-Rated environment — Love The Lord Your God!

May 2016

Family Matters

Family engagement is essential to the raising of Godly children.

Ministry The Right Way

News Ministry Fair
When we speak of ministry we often get things messed up because we begin with thinking of ourselves. But ministry is not about us. It is about God using us to grow and develop others into Christlikeness.
This message was for the annual MInistry Fair Sunday.

Ministry Matters

Faith Promise 2016
Ministry is a channel for spreading God’s hope.
This message by Kit Dodson, of Milligan College, was part of the 2016 Faith Promise Emphasis.