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December 2016

Christ, the Child-King

The Child-King of Isaiah 9 anticipates the one who helps us confront some of the hardest questions of our life with a positive answer. Each name prophesied of Jesus speaks to real needs within our lives.

November 2016

Time Treasure 2016

TIME – Dwayne Lones
Big Idea: God has gifted each of us with 24 hours. Howe we use our time to advance the Kingdom is part of our tithe.
TREASURE – Steven Chapman
Big Idea: Giving of our treasures is more about HEART and HOW MUCH>

Touches & Temple

God asks us to be broad stewards of many things that he has poured into our lives. The 6Ts give us a glimpse into a broader approach to stewardship that goes far beyond money. The following message is the third and fourth Ts in the series.
TOUCH: Our culture defines value by net-worth but God sees value in relationships, and he desires to use those relationships as avenues for demonstrating His love.
TEMPLE: We are to see ourselves as the holy dwelling place of God. Yet, our culture has traded the holiness of godly morality and sexual purity for temporal gratification.

Task – Talents 2016

6t-web-bannersWhen speaking of stewardship we often limit the discussion to money. However, God has much more for us to steward, and if we don’t first give ourselves to these things the giving of our money will never be as he asks. This message introduces the 6Ts, and addresses the first two in

We Are On Purpose – We Are At Our Best


 Focusing on our defined purpose in ministry keeps us from being distracted by cultural clutter.


October 2016

We Are an Expanding Movement

core-valuesChristianity began as an expanding movement rooted in love but evolved into an institution. It’s up to us to help the church return to its original mission.

We Are A Diverse Family


Diversity – The church best demonstrates the unity of the body of Christ as people of different ethnic, linguistic, generational and socio-economic backgrounds learn to live and worship together in harmony with one another.

 Big Idea: The church in Scripture is diverse; culturally, ethnically, generationally, sociologically and spiritually. We intentionally seek to continue that tradition in expectation of that also being what heaven will be like.

We Are A Transformational Organism


Transformational Worship – Our response to redemption is authentic, ongoing life change, reflected in personal and corporate worship.

Big Idea – Authentic worship is not about an hour on Sunday morning. Authentic worship is about spiritual surrender exemplified by transformation in the likeness of Christ.

We Are An Involved Team

core-valuesTeamwork – The Christian life is not a solo venture, but an adventure shared in community as every member contributes to the well-being of the entire community toward the achievement of our shared goal. 
Mission Statement:  Cooperating as a team to build Christlikeness in others.

We Are A Healing Community

Authentic Grace: The community of believers, who may be broken by live, experience true healing community as share ourselves and practice exchanging the grace and the peace with one another.
Big Idea: The church is a laboratory for experiencing the healing grace of Christ within community.

September 2016

We Are A Bible Church

core-valuesThe Bible is the inspired Word of God. Every bit of it is “useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” The Bible is our primary guide for what we believe and what we do.

Why Should I Be The Church

message-why-should-i-go-to-churchWhen we ask, “Why should I go to church?”, we are asking the wrong question, a question that suggests a distorted view of what the church is … either a place on a map, or a time on a schedule.
What we ought to ask is, “Why should I be the church?” This is about identity and nature, and has implications for what the church is and does.